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Some suggested ideas for your posts:

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  • Share your ideas and concepts for robotics.
  • Write about repairs and fixes for hardware and software.
  • Show your hacks and mods that you think other enthusiasts would be interested in.
  • Share opensource software and hardware with the community.
  • Tell us what you think the future holds for robotics.
  • Talk about retro & vintage robots.
  • Add links to your Youtube, Twitter, Instagram or other social media websites.
  • Post information on your robotics or electronics clubs and get a larger membership in your area.
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  • List events happening in your area.
  • Tell us about your School, College or University calendar or projects.
  • Add links to news articles on robotics.
  • Add links to other websites that we would be interested in.
  • Make announcements and links to contests or events.
  • Write about specific types of robots.
  • Write about specific parts or systems of a robot.
  • Have a descriptive and pictorial progression of your robot build.
  • Talk about books and magazines on the subject.
  • Tell us about robots in TV and Films.
  • Have “friendly” debates on robotics.
  • Or just tell an interesting or funny story.

Just scroll down though the left hand categories on the main page of the website and you might find something in a category that you wish read about or make a post of your own.

Above all, have fun and share with the community.

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