The advancement in technology has changed a lot of things in a variety of fields. They have made things better and efficient and can help in improving the results. The technology has also had an impact on the medical field. One of the thing that has changed the medical field is the advancement in robotics. There is a wide range of robots that can play important role in the medical environment.

There are a lot of medical fields where the robots can assist. There are robots that can assist in surgery and even help with therapeutic processes. Here are some of the ways the robotics that can play a significant role in the medical field.

The telepresence:

The robots are allowing the physicians to treat and examine the patients that live in remote areas. The people living in remote location often find it difficult to find good and effective treatment. There are robots that will allow the patients to contact a specialist and ask for their opinion without traveling miles. The robotic devices used for telepresence have navigation capability within the ER and it makes it possible for the physicians to conduct a physical examination.

Assistance in surgery:

The robotics is evolving the way surgeries are done. There are a lot of cases in which remote controlled robots have assisted in surgeries. There is a lot of development happening in the robots that can assist in surgeries. There is a lot of advancement in 3DHD technology and it provides surgeons spatial references that complex surgeries may require. The robots offer features like enhanced stereo visualization along with augmented reality that can help the surgeons a lot.

Assistance with rehabilitation:

The rehabilitation is an important phase and the robots can help people that are recovering from a surgery or are suffering from any disability. They can improve the quality of life of people by offering improved mobility and strength coordination. The robots can adapt according to the needs and requirements of the patients. The robots make it easy for people to recover from traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, strokes or neuromuscular diseases. There are robots that have integrated reality and they can help in improving motor functions and improve balance.

Disinfecting and sanitation:

There has been an increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria and there have been outbreaks of deadly infections. The healthcare facilities are using robots to safely clean the surfaces and disinfect the surfaces. The healthcare facilities use UV light along with hydrogen peroxide vapors for disinfecting a place. The robots make it easier to disinfect any room of viruses and bacteria. They are quick and efficient.

Accuracy and efficiency:

The robots are improving the medical field and making it better. The robots can be used in pharmacies and used to prescribe and dispense medicines. The automated dispensing systems offer accuracy and efficiency. They have advanced a lot and now there are robots that can handle liquid, viscous materials, and powder.

These are just some of the robot applications in the medical field. Their role in the medical field is expanding.

By emmamiah