A list of helpful robotics websites and software

  BLOGS, NEWS and EVENTS: www.roboshack.com – Roboshack is a community driven website for robotics enthusiasts, hobbyists and engineers to share with the world. www.the-nref.org – National Robotics Education Foundation, The latest robotics news, product reviews & curricula. www.robots.net – Robots.net, Robotic news and events. www.robots-and-androids.com – Robots and Androids, articles about robots, robotics, humanoid …Read More >>

Programming With RobotBASIC By John Blankenship

Programming With RobotBASIC By John Blankenship   Programming can be the basis for many fantastic low-cost projects for hobbyists. Such projects can be just as challenging and exciting as hardware-based projects since you must precisely define the problem and analyze it in detail in order to identify potential solutions. Furthermore, if simulation is used appropriately, …Read More >>

Welcome to ROBOSHACK, Notes from the host

Welcome to Roboshack, You can edit or delete any of your posts at any time and your profile can be customized, you are in complete control. This website also has the feature of private or public messages between other members, so you can share thoughts and make friends. Here are a few notes on how …Read More >>