IRobot Roomba robot vacuum cleaner troubleshoot and repair

Many Roomba vacuum cleaners have an issue of a side brush failure, the majority of the malfunctions are cracked or broken plastic reduction gears and a few are actual motor failures and these issues are well documented by various internet sources, replacement gears and motor assemblies are available on the internet. However, I have recently …Read More >>

The Truth About Artificial Intelligence and Life

Science fiction explores the concept of artificial life in depth but is it really possible for a machine to become more than the sum of its parts. There are variations of how people interpret the meaning between; being alive, self-aware, consciousness, cognitive, sentience and artificial intelligence but what it all boils down to is, can …Read More >>

Using an old battery booster / jumper as a power system for a robot

These automotive battery boosters are thrown away after they lose their capacity to start a car (car starter circuits have very high current demands), so you can usually get them for free from friends or family after they have outlived their usefulness. Sometimes there is enough capacity left in the battery on these throwaways for …Read More >>

A list of helpful robotics websites and software

¬†BLOGS, NEWS and EVENTS: – Roboshack is a community driven website for robotics enthusiasts, hobbyists and engineers to share with the world. – National Robotics Education Foundation, The latest robotics news, product reviews & curricula. –, Robotic news and events. – Robots and Androids, articles about robots, robotics, humanoid robotics …Read More >>

Programming With RobotBASIC By John Blankenship

Programming With RobotBASIC By John Blankenship Programming can be the basis for many fantastic low-cost projects for hobbyists. Such projects can be just as challenging and exciting as hardware-based projects since you must precisely define the problem and analyze it in detail in order to identify potential solutions. Furthermore, if simulation is used appropriately, everything …Read More >>