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Write a one time, daily, weekly or monthly blog on what interests you about robotics. You can write about current events or the progression of your project or anything you want to share. Add links to show your Youtube video in your post (Click the Youtube video...Read More »

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Give us your honest reviews for robotics and electronics products. There are many different products for robotics in the world. Describing a product you have used or tested may help others. Information on what other people think about a product or a robot they have...Read More »

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Tell us what you think the future holds for robotics. Tell us what direction you think technology will go (good or bad). Do you think there will be a robot apocalypse? Do you think robots will be a common item in any home or office, just like computers today and...Read More »

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List or talk about events happening in your area. Let us know of any robot competitions, tournaments, swap meets, shows, electronics fairs, trade shows, exhibitions, etc. These events help us meet new people who share the same interests and also introduce us to new...Read More »

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Talk about books and magazines on the subject. Tell us about what books you liked and why or do a rating system on the books you have read. You could recommend technical books that might give us the information we need. This category can include; novels, tutorials,...Read More »
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