The Truth About Artificial Intelligence and Life

Science fiction explores the concept of artificial life in depth but is it really possible for a machine to become more than the sum of its parts. There are variations of how people interpret the meaning between; being alive, self-aware, consciousness, cognitive, sentience and artificial intelligence but what it all boils down to is, can …Read More >>

A list of helpful robotics websites and software

BLOGS, NEWS and EVENTS: – Roboshack is a community driven website for robotics enthusiasts, hobbyists and engineers to share with the world. – National Robotics Education Foundation, The latest robotics news, product reviews & curricula. –, Robotic news and events. – Robots and Androids, articles about robots, robotics, humanoid robotics …Read More >>

Programming With RobotBASIC By John Blankenship

Programming With RobotBASIC By John Blankenship Programming can be the basis for many fantastic low-cost projects for hobbyists. Such projects can be just as challenging and exciting as hardware-based projects since you must precisely define the problem and analyze it in detail in order to identify potential solutions. Furthermore, if simulation is used appropriately, everything …Read More >>