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Tell us about your robotic or electronics clubs & meet-ups. Post information on your robotics or electronics club and get a larger membership in your area. Also post public information on swap meets, hacker spaces or internet hangouts. *It is strongly recommended that you do not post any personal information or your personal address on …Read More >>

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List or talk about events happening in your area. Let us know of any robot competitions, tournaments, swap meets, shows, electronics fairs, trade shows, exhibitions, etc. These events help us meet new people who share the same interests and also introduce us to new ideas and products. Talk about what you did at these events …Read More >>

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Talk about books and magazines on the subject. Tell us about what books you liked and why or do a rating system on the books you have read. You could recommend technical books that might give us the information we need. This category can include; novels, tutorials, technical or engineering manuals, magazine articles, how-to books, …Read More >>

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Science fiction TV and films have had robots as characters for years, tell us about your favorites. Explain how they would compare to real robots or what might be. Some of the inspiration for engineers comes from TV and films, maybe someone can be inspired for the next great idea. Science fiction often becomes science …Read More >>