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Some suggested ideas for your posts:

Write a daily, weekly or monthly blog on what interests you about electronics or robotics.

Write tutorials on projects, hardware, software, etc.

Show off your homemade or professional projects, prototypes and builds.

Give us your reviews for software, robotics and electronics products.

Share your ideas and concepts for robotics or electronic devices.

Write about repairs and fixes for hardware and software.

Show your hacks and mods that you think other enthusiasts would be interested in.

Tell us what you think the future holds for technology.

Share opensource software and hardware with the community.

Explain how science fiction is becoming reality.

Talk about retro & vintage electronics.

Add links to your Youtube, Twitter, Instagram or other social media websites.

Post information on your robotics or electronics clubs and get a larger membership in your area.

Organise or post information on meet-ups, swap meets and hacker spaces.

List events happening in your area.

Discuss technology in the news.

Tell us about your School, College or University projects.

Add links to news articles on technology.

Write code to share with the community.

Add links to other websites that we would be interested in.

Make announcements and links to contests or events.

Write about specific types of robots.

Write about specific parts or systems.

Have a descriptive and pictorial progression of your project build.

Talk about books and magazines on the subject.

Tell us about technology in TV and Films.

Have “friendly” debates on different subjects.

Or just tell an interesting or funny story.

Above all, have fun and share with the community.

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