Here are a few notes on how you can join the community.

You can post, edit or delete any of your content at any time and your profile can be customized show off who you are. This website also has the feature of private or public messages between other members, so you can share thoughts and make friends.

You can write a blog, an article or even a short blurb about robotics or electronics, it could be a one time or periodical blog on what interests you about the subject. Write about current events or the progression of your project or any ideas you want to share.

Show your Youtube video within your post (just click the Youtube video “share” button for the correct URL, then copy and paste in your post) or add links to other websites that we would be interested in. You can choose any one or multiple categories to help other people find your blog.

Write tutorials on projects, electronics, mechatronics, engineering, mechanical, computers, software, programming, repairs, design or just talk about robotic films and current events. Ask questions and the community might have the answers. Tell us what direction you think technology will go (good or bad). Do you think there will be a robot apocalypse? Do you think robots will be a common item in any home or office? Will artificial intelligence control our lives or will they enhance it? Post information on the new or future generation of robots and systems.

You can show off your homemade projects or professional builds. Show us a regular update on your robot or system builds, so we can follow along and see your progress. Tell us what tools or equipment you use and describe the process, include diagrams and drawings. Tell us the easiest or most efficient way to build something and where to source the parts. Share technical data and your methods of construction and what parts you used. List the parts you used for your robot so others might follow in your footsteps.

Share your ideas and concepts for robotics. Tell us what you are dreaming up or what you think robots will look like or how they will perform in the future. Give us your honest reviews for robotics and electronics products.

Show your hacks and mods that you think other enthusiasts would be interested in. Write about the many parts you can scavenge form old electronics and machines to re-purpose in your project. Post software code you wrote for a system or device and share your information from other websites.

Share GPL or open source software and hardware with the community. GPL licensed and Open Source products are a growing movement in the technology industry and benefits the creator and the user in several ways. There are various GPL and Creative Commons licenses available, all designed to help the person who wants to build something for themselves to use, so share yours with us.

Talk about retro & vintage robots, many can be upgraded with modern systems. Some of these robots give people nostalgic memories and it is always interesting how engineers solved the electronics and mechanical problems without modern technology. There are many vintage robots that can inspire the next generation. Maybe you built a new robot that is controlled by an old Commodore 64 or other 8-bit computer.

Tell us about your robotic or electronics clubs & meet-ups. Post information on your robotics or electronics club and get a larger membership in your area. Also post public information on swap meets, hacker spaces or Internet hangouts. *It is strongly recommended that you do not post any personal information or your personal address on this website. Use public places or a club house to gather. If you have a free public club website or social media hangout, just give the details on that.*

List or talk about events happening in your area. Let us know of any robot competitions, tournaments, swap meets, shows, electronics fairs, trade shows, exhibitions, etc. These events help us meet new people who share the same interests and also introduce us to new ideas and products. Talk about what you did at these events and show us pictures. Write a news blog or add links to news articles on robotics. Technology changes so fast and we need the resources to stay on the leading edge.

Science fiction TV and films have had robots as characters for years, tell us about your favorites. Explain how they would compare to real robots or what might be. Some of the inspiration for engineers comes from TV and films, maybe someone can be inspired for the next great idea. Science fiction often becomes science fact. Let us know of any TV shows or films that are being released that we would like to see.

Industrial Robots are big part of manufacturing and warehousing, some products are made entirely with robots and automated machines. If you are familiar with these, create an account and tell us about them. Write about their functions, how they are programmed and how they work.

Robots used for security are getting popular for the home and business, some can be monitored and controlled by your smart phone or computer. Sentry robots will be common place in the near future, if you built or own a security robot, tell us about it.

Hobby robots are a large area of interest for many, from the amateur, to the more serious makers and collectors. Tell us about your hobby.

Drones, Quadcopters and POV RC aircraft are getting very popular and will grow in the future. Some of the UAVs, scouting and surveillance aircraft are both remote controlled and autonomous.

Space probes and rovers have been exploring our solar system for years. Different countries around the world are investing in the future of space travel and most of the work will be done with autonomous vehicles. Government agencies and private companies are experimenting with robotic assistants in space. The Voyager 1 and 2 probes are our first emissaries heading to interstellar space, more will follow. Tell us your ideas or report on any events that are happening in space.

This is a good place to talk or debate about self-driving vehicles, some countries have already have regulations for self-driving cars to be on public roads. If you have experience with driver less cars, tell us about it. The future is coming faster than we think.

Vision, object and facial recognition systems are advancing every day and the software to interpret what the robot is seeing is advancing but it still has a long way to go, tell us about your system.

There are many microcontrollers and devboards from different manufacturers to choose from. These are essential for small robots or subsystems on larger robots. Show us how you built your circuits and how you programmed it.

Discuss artificial intelligence and speech recognition, let us know your experiences with them or tell us what your ideas are.

Also talk about navigation, localization, GPS, laser range finders, sonic and IR sensors help the robots software to find its way around the world.