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Write tutorials on projects, electronics, mechatronics, engineering, mechanical, computers, software, programming, repairs, design or any of the categories on this robotics website. Many of you have lots of experience and knowledge in this area and teaching the current or next generation of robotic technology is the cornerstone of this website. Write a one-time or periodical …Read More >>

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Electronics is the backbone of modern robotics. There are many electronics circuits that can do a variety of functions. Include schematics you have designed or share open source designs with the community. Talk about electronic parts and how to use them. Whether your use an x86 based computer or a microcontroller for the robot, we …Read More >>

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Here is a list of some of the sensors available for your robot: Impact or Touch Switches Flex, Tactile & Force Sonic and Ultrasonic proximity LiDAR Infrared Proximity Infrared Scanners Magnetic Field Detectors Bar Code Scanners Audio Microphones Color/Light Sensors Infrared Heat Sensors Motion Sensors Various Different Gases and Smoke detectors Voltage Current Resistive Encoders …Read More >>